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I'm roxwize. I am a guy(?), late 15s, I live in the United States. I write code and compose music. Sometimes I draw too. If you couldn't tell already, I'm a furry. I'm so relatively badass that my website is unblocked everywhere under the grounds that it is most definitely IT-related.

I've not been diagnosed with anything due to a lack of access to any sort of therapy or psychiatry so I can't tell you what repertoire of mental illnesses I have (if any), but I can tell you that my attention span is SHIT. Please excuse any consistencies displayed in this website or in my behavior. It is all natural, of course. As I write this (February 11, 2024) I am stalling on an important exam due tonight! Marvelous!

I learned how to code sometime around late 2020 (thank you, Jonas Schmedtmann) and it has completely enveloped me. My main hobbies are some sort of intersection between programming and art; generative art and music has and will remain to be my favorite thing to make. If you're interested in finding me elsewhere, my socials are on the index page. Good luck. Don't die. I LOVE YOU.

Minimalism is my life. The Designers Republic makes the only modern art I can stand to look at. My taste in music is similarly pretentious. Here's my last.fm if you're curious :3 https://www.last.fm/user/thekillective

If you have any burning questions, please feel free to email me.

What is your favorite...?

Album: Autechre – LP5
Animal: Cats meow meow
Beatle: John Lennon
Color: Lavender
Eeveelution: Leafeon
Fictional character: Balrog from Cave Story probably
Keyboard key: F6
Letter: i (lowercase only)
Movie: Vanilla Sky (2001)
Number: 7
Pie: Pumpkin
Pokémon: Raboot
Programming language: Uiua
Song: Tied between Autechre – Rae and Autechre – all end
Source entity: env_explosion
Steam emoticon: :winter2019neutralbulb:
Time of day: 2:52 PM
Candy: Swedish Fish(?)
Valve game: Portal 2
Video essay: Art, Furries, God
Video game: Yume 2kki
Video game soundtrack: Marskye – GNOG
Wikipedia article: L-system
Word: Pebnoe
YouTube channel: The Coding Train
YouTube video: The Glorious Octagon of Destiny


My favorite programming language is Uiua, second favorite is Ruby. I mostly write JavaScript.


I primarily listen to IDM/braindance, alt rock, and ambient. My favorite artists are Autechre, Radiohead, and Bon Iver.


Games are cool. Fun. I like chess but it fucks me over so I rarely play it. Blackjack is a lot of fun, so is Texas Hold'Em. If you're not actually losing money by playing it. I would not know, I've never been to a casino before. A few years ago I played poker with my buddies and got third out of fourth place. It was me and this kid my age versus two fourty-year-old men. They beat our asses but it was extremely fun. I haven't seen them since then. They might be dead.

Portal 2 is probably one of my favorite video games next to OneShot and Yume 2kki. If I had to rank them, Yume 2kki would be on the top. It's a good game. I like it.

Interesting Fursona Information

I think, like, a few years ago my friend made these creatures named lavbunnies and I fell in love with them immediately. That is why I am one. They all wear these white T-shirts that they're really attached to, but some aren't? Apparently (according to my friend) there are gangs of armed white T-shirt-less lavbunnies that viciously attack any lavbnuy not wearing one. They die. This, of course, means that I am usually in danger.

I'm kidding, of course. Fuck those guys. I've never punched a single thing in my entire life and I don't want to so I have no defense. The solution is to consciously wear white t-shirts when I'm out and about. But then there is the possibility of gangs that kill lavbunnies that wear white T-shirts. I don't think there is any sort of vendetta against crop tops and/or hoodies so I usually just wear those depending on the weather... if I manage to successfully go outside once per week without choking on the fresh air.

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